Saturday, May 30, 2015

Natural Hair Week Manchester 2015 Review

A few weeks ago I attended NHW Manchester and I had a blast! I feel so bad because it took me so long to write this post but y'all know how it is! Anyway, this years event was held at the Manchester Conference Center near UoM North Campus so it was super convenient to get to.

I saw some familiar faces from other natural hair events I attended in Birmingham and previous NHM week events. I met Dr. Lola Akingbola at a previous event and this time around she had a new book out! It's so exciting to see people achieving their dreams and making moves!

Of course, I had to buy some hair products, how could I resist with all of the lovely stalls that vendors set up! I bought an adorable notebook and also a deep conditioner from Cantu which I will review as soon as I have formed an opinion.

Also, ORS is working on a new line that looks really good! It's called Shealicious, I'm definitely going to try it! 

Their Monoi line is already out, let me know if you try it!!

There were various hair types in attendance with a with quite a few hair product vendors to choose from.

Besides shopping, we attended a few workshops. The first one we went to was about hair styling, the speaker was very knowledgeable about natural hair and so were the other attendees! Now I want to try Design Essentials silk serum for when I want to straighten my hair and also the LOC method. Usually, I LCO but I'm always down to try something new.

The second workshop we went to was about the various types of hair loss which definitely made me more conscious of protecting my precious hairline!

We also listened to some of the main talks. The healthy hair basics talk went over the importance of water, vitamins, and minerals in order to grow healthy hair. The money and hair talk was very interesting. The main things I took from it were:
      1. Love your money like you love your hair
      2. Invest in your hair
      3. Have fun with your money
      4. Plan your money for your goals inspired me to plan
One of the talks I really wanted to listen to was canceled but there's always next time!

The last main activity was the panel. The knowledgeable panel was made up of an online blogger, hairstylists, a finance guru, and a health guru as well. The debates focused on hair typing, hairdressing vs. online learning, and also the importance of trimming. The health guru, Hazel, gave loads of health tips like drinking water with organic lemon slices and drinking/eating kale!

Check out more photos below:

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