Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Low Porosity Natural's Wash Day UPDATED

how to wash low porosity natural hair

Wash day is actually my favorite day of the week, I love playing in my hair and doing all this good stuff for it. That being said, usually my wash days aren't very..erm... successful as in it seems my deep conditioners don't really penetrate.

But recently I have discovered that I am...get ready for it...a LOW POROSITY natural (Find your porosity by taking a shed hair and putting it in a glass filled with water, if it floats you are low, sinks you are high). *facepalm* Every since my revelation, my wash day has been changed forever.

Check Out My Updated Wash Day!
Firstly: Baggying (heat opens the cuticles) with my pre - poo for at least an hour makes my hair super soft and allows me to detangle

Secondly: I rinse with warm water and shampoo/cowash, rinse that at with WARM WATER homie. warrmmm keep them cuticles open.

Secondly 1/2: I may do a protein treatment depending on how my hair feels. If it is breaking or feeling really mushy I know it is time. Also if I plan on using heat or putting in a protective style for a while I will do a treatment.

Third: Apply deep conditioner (DC), making sure to really work the product in there. I apply castor oil on top of my DC. Apply baggy for as long as you want, the times on the bottle are usually fine but I usually leave it in for longer. The castor oil seems to seal in the deep conditioner and then the water just rinses off a bit of the oil and leaves super soft hair.

Fourth: I squeeze excess water out of my hair and apply my leave in and seal

Finally: I banded my hair and I had an awesome, soft, fluffy fro. I was extremely pleased but it was going to rain so I threw my hair up into a puff.            

Hope this helps! Remember what works for me might not work for you, listen to your hair :)


  1. Thanks. The thing is that my hair is super fine and loose, not completely African in texture. But it was breaking badly with all the low po advice and yet I am low po. I took a huge leap and decided to try mineral oil applied only once after washing and so far so good but time will tell. I got the advice from Ktani. Cannot get moisturizing to work so I think my hair dried out due to build up from too much product and moisture.

  2. Glad you found something that works for you! Moisture does not dry hair out though ad usually fine strands can benefit from a light protein. It's all about trial and error!

    Good luck