Saturday, May 30, 2015

Freetress Deep Twist Crochet Braid Review


Packs used:  I used about 4 packs. 3 packs of 1B, 1 pack of 27. I started cutting the hair in half around pack 2. My intention was to leave it long but I started freaking out about the sheer volume of the hair

Style lasted: about 6 weeks

The last 2 weeks my new growth was coming through strong and due to the silky nature of the hair it became obvious the hair was fake lol. To prolong the life of the hair I bought another pack of hair to fill in my part and any gaps in my hair. 

Cost: £3.99 per pack via Paks Cosmetics

Ease of Style: This style required very little maintenance. To refresh the style I sprayed the hair with water and added a light gel (infrequently) to keep the curls intact. I cut out any tangles and went about my life lol. Dealing with my edges and hair growth required the most maintenance for this style.

Realistic: The hair is quite silky so for kinkier textures like mine you have to make sure to keep your edges in control otherwise it's quite obvious. :/ If you're a good braider it will be easier for you to keep your hair in check!

Quality of hair: Near the end of the style some of the curls started to go limp and straight but overall it held up very well. I actually preferred the style after I  washed it a few times it made it look a tad more realistic.

I would definitely buy this hair again! My hair grew so much in this style! 

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