Senegalese Twists & Maintenance

how to maintain Senegalese twists

Hey all,
     So during my daily natural hair web surfing, I seem to come across dozens of questions on how to maintain Senegalese Twists and Kinky Twists, there isn't much information on caring for these guys so I decided that this should be my first official post!

I got my mbl/ waist length Senegalese twists on 9/9/12...about 10 days ago.
They took about 4 hours since I had two people braiding my hair, which was awesome since I had to work later.
Check out my twist reggie!!

Preparation:A week before on wash day (I also did it again the day before)
 -prepoo'd with Oils mixed with Aussie Moist

-shampoo with Shea Moisture Retention Shampoo

- protein treatment with Millcreek Keratin Conditioner

- deep conditioned with Shea Moisture Shea Butter Masque

- applied my leave in of aloe vera juice/ taliah waajid protective mist bodifier/ and some shea moisture

- sealed with some random oil

- banded my hair so it would be stretched for the braiders.** (this is where I messed up because when i got to the braiding place they still blow dried my hair, and I may have lost a lot of hair, so i recommend blow drying it  yourself or doing some other form of stretching.)

Maintance: I was pretty nervous that my natural hair would pouf out of the twists but it's doing pretty good for right now, it's starting to show but I don't notice unless I'm looking for it. ACV mixed with water helps to keep the frizz down though,

 Cleansing/ Moisturizing: UPDATED

Before I was all I don't want to wash my hair with these twists in but now I do so figured I would update this!
 - dilute shampoo with water, more water than shampoo, in an applicator bottle and squirt onto your scalp and throughout your twists

- rinse thoroughly

- apply diluted conditioner onto your twists

- baggy hair with a plastic bag for like an hour (optional but the conditioner is not!)

- rinse and spray some diluted ACV to keep the frizz down (just a splash in 16 oz of water, less is more)

- add leave ins

 - put a bit of serum/oil on to smooth an extra frizzies

 - use WITCH HAZEL (cleans/tones scalp and has antibacterial qualities, make sure it's alcohol free) in an applicator bottle on my scalp and then I apply my oil mix

 - on hair/twists use Apple cider vinegar (just a splash in 16 oz of water, less is more) in a spray bottle to remove buildup and frizzies (the smell dissappears after it dries)

 - apply  moisture mist (make sure what ever you use is very light so that you don't get any buildup!)

 - baggy hair with a plastic bag for like an hour

 - put a bit of serum/oil on to smooth an extra frizzies

 That's it! My hair always feels soft and my scalp feels very cool and refreshed

- I apply  my oil mix  in the mornings, mostly focusing on my edges and nape
 - If my hair is feeling dry, I spray on my moisture mist
 Nightly: I just pop my bonnet on after putting my hair in a low bun.

Every few weeks you may need to redo your edges to keep the style looking fresh !

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