Saturday, September 7, 2013

How to avoid heat damage, 11 quick tips!

how to prevent heat damage natural hair

Here are some tips on avoiding heat damage -

  1. Use a protein treatment to fortify the strains 
  2. Follow up with a deep conditioner in order to make sure hair is well moisturized. Well moisturized hair will straighten better
  3. Make sure you use a heat protectant all over!!
  4. Do not flat iron wet hair!
  5. If you blow dry your hair use heat protectant, if you plan on using a flat iron or another heat tool...use some more lol
  6. Do not blow dry soaking wet hair, dry your hair off with a t shirt or towel so that it is just damp. This will decrease drying time which lowers the time you need to blow dry
  7. Do not use the highest setting on your flat iron, hair burns at 450F. Try to stay in the 300 range...
  8. Do not do a whole bunch of passes on one section. 1 or 2. Maybe even 3. 
  9. See if you can dry your hair without heat, see this post
  10. Try not to flat iron dirty hair
  11. Try rollersetting 
Hope these tips help someone !
Next up will be how to avoid a bad salon experience :)

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