Tuesday, August 20, 2013

How to Stretch Natural Hair Without Heat: 6 Different Ways

There are several different ways to stretch hair without heat! I'm going to do a little pro and cons list of each! Let the games begin!
1. Cornrows
Pros -
  • Each hair gets stretched out almost all of the way (when I do it, I detangle and braid, next day brush out with denman)
  • Could be a style (won't be leaving the house looking crazy)
  • Yield a great braid out 
Cons -
  • Can be difficult to learn
  • Rows should be relatively neat or else it will not come out right
  • Time will vary due to skill level
2. Banding - you take sections of hair and use hair bands down the hair in order to stretch it. Check out this video I found on youtube by Classcie -->

Pros -
  • The result after you remove the bands is gorgeous
  • Stretched hair with some texture
  • Each hair strand gets stretched out most of the way. 
Cons -
  • I wouldn't leave the house with them in 
  • Need a lot of hair bands -___-
  • Feels kinda weird sleeping but not too unbearable 
  • Shorter hair requires more sections which take longer
3. Plaits/ Braids: This method would be braiding hair into individual braids not attached to the scalp like cornrows

Pros - 
  • Braidouts 
  • Easy to clip ends while hair is in them
  • Can be worn outside
Cons - 
  • Take a while to do
  • Takes a while to take out
  • Less stretched than previous methods
4. Bun Out - Put hair into bun and let it air dry

Pros -
  • Can leave hair with texture but still stretched
  • Really simple and fast
  • Can be worn outside
  • Hard for those with shorter hair
  • May take a while to dry
  • Some have reported breakage from this method
5. Twists/ flat twists -

Pro - 
  • Fast
  • Easy to do
  • Can result in pretty style
  • Can be worn out of the home
Cons - 
  • Individual twists not very good at actually stretching the hair unless the hair is already dry/ pre-stretched. 
6. African threading - I have not done this and I do not know too much about it. Here is a video that I found on YouTube by br0nzeqt  though

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