Monday, September 9, 2013

How to Baggy Natural Hair

Baggying 101:

Baggying is the act of using a plastic cap or plastic bag in order to trap heat from your body in order to help your products penetrate better. This is especially beneficially for low porosity naturals because heat helps the cuticles absorb product better.

What can I baggy with?
  • Nothing - Your natural scalp oil (sebum) will condition your scalp and the heat from your body will create moisture
  • Deep conditioner - This will help the product really get into the strands for optimal hydration
  • Pre-poo - Again optimal hydration
  • Oils - Some oil molecules are small enough to get into the cuticle and can nourish and fortify the strands. An example of this is coconut oil, it helps prevent protein loss in hair so your hair can retain elasticity thus helping to reduce breakage
  • A moisturizer 
  • Basically anything you want!
What do I do after I baggy?
  • Well if you used a deep conditioner and pre-poo then you should rinse and continue with your routine
  • If you used a moisturiser or nothing then jut seal with an oil or butter
  • If you used a lot of oil you may want to rinse

Well for me I always end up with super soft hair! Let me know how it works for you! Also please subscribe!

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