Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I Love Hot Oil Treatments! (tutorial)

Seriously?! Where have I been with this! I have been hearing vloggers and bloggers discuss how much they love them for a while but I never felt compelled to try them out! I wish I had sooner because my hair feels fabulous. I'll tell you what I did exactly after the jump -->

- Oils: I used coconut oil and castor oil. Coconut oil improves the elasticity of the hair and prevents protein loss while castor oil promotes growth and makes my hair super soft. 
- A pot
- A spoon
- Plastic bag or shower cap
- A bowl or container of some sort
- An applicator bottle: I didn't have one but it would definitely be easier if you used that or maybe even a spray bottle

What to do:
- Take 2 spoonfuls of your first oil (coconut oil) and put it in the pot

- Add one spoonful of your second oil (castor oil) 

- Turn the pot on and stir until the coconut oil melts

- Turn off the flame and keep mixing the oils

- Transfer to a bowl or applicator bottle

- Let it cool a bit


- Apply to your hair in sections, be careful because it may be hot. Mine was just warm

- Twist hair up into chunky twists

- Put plastic bag/cap on 

- Tie scarf or put a bonnet on to further trap heat. I did both

- Go about your business...I left it on overnight, but around 4 am I took the baggy off and just put my bonnet on
- When you are ready to rinse (you don't need to leave it in as long as I did) just rinse with warm water 

After rinsing my hair I did not use a rinse out conditioner or shampoo. I applied my SheaMoisture black soap conditioner as leave-in (the label says it can be used as both) I sealed with sweet almond oil, twisted my hair and clipped my hair.

My hair feels great :)

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