Friday, August 7, 2015

Urban Spriral Crochet Braids Review


Bonjour my loves! I'm back from Paris (I went to Paris) and before I went I put in my newest set of crochet braids! When I went to Paul's Beauty a few days before my trip I was so excited to see a new collection of hair made specifically for doing crochet braids! Checkout my new- do after the jump!
Quick Facts:
  • Brand: Urban
  • Style: Spiral
  • Color: BG in the back, Color 2 on the top
  • Packs: ~5 (3 packs of color 2, 2 packs of BG) I use 5 packs because I don't cut the hair until after installation because I like to layer it after I see it all together. I still have some of each of the colors leftover. 
  • Braiding Pattern: TastePink
  • Time: Braiding - ~ 1 hour, Install, 3 - 4 hours
  • Where can you get it: Paul's Beauty in  Manchester or email me and I'll get it for you. I can't find this hair online but it is owned by the Feme Brand
  • Price: £3.99
Before Installation:
  • I prepoo'd my hair two nights before and washed it the day before I put it in
  • I airdried my hair overnight and then the next day I blow dried it since my hair was still damp
  • I cornrowed my hair with a moisturising spritz

 During Installation:

  • The hair separates super easily during installation which made me so happy! Easy separation allows you to get the most out of a pack!
  • I really like the colors of the hair and it feels quite soft. 


 Final thoughts:
I love this Urban Spiral hair! 

  • The hair is super natural looking, even the luster is on point! 
  • It doesn't feel crunchy like some synthetic hair as well. It is so easy to refresh the curls, you just add water and trim any tangled bits!
  •  It is very inexpensive and if you don't like super big hair you could probably get away with 2 -3 packs but don't take my word for it lol.
  • Apparently, you can add heat to the hair but I probably won't :)
 I will definitely be trying more hair from this brand! I'll make an updated post after I've had this hair in for a few more weeks!

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