Friday, August 8, 2014

Can too much Moisture Cause Breakage?: Losing the Protein/Moisture Balance

Hello Hello! Long time no speak!

 I have been super busy lately but I wanted to y'all about an issue I have been experiencing with my hair! Too much MOISTURE and not enough PROTEIN which is resulting in breakage! Usually, when I'm reading online I see the opposite, people tend to get protein overload but moisture overload is just as serious! Keep reading for more about moisture overload and how to get your hair back in shape.
This summer I didn't really do protein treatments, just conditioning and cowashing...alll of this moisture but noo protein to be found! I noticed that even though I kept my hair in 2 braids 99% of the time, I was losing too much hair when I combed it and my hair would feel super dry. However when I washed my hair it felt mushy and too soft. That's when I realized how weak my hair was and how badly I needed to get it back on track!

How do I know if I have Moisture Overload?
Symptoms of Moisture Overload:
1. Hair feels super dry and loses moisture quickly...proteins help to fill in the gaps in hair which helps to retain moisture

2. Hair feels mushy and fragile when wet

3. Haven't done a protein treatment in ages

4. Breakage from weak hair

Fixing Moisture Overload:

Okay so if you are facing this problem the first thing you need to do is get a protein treatment! Aphogee 2 step is an intense treatment that stops breakage in its tracks and you only use it every few months. It is so intense that it can cause PROTEIN OVERLOAD if you do not follow up with a super moisturizing deep conditioner! If you don't like Aphogee, using any intensive reconstructing treatment should suffice!

In the future try to balance protein and moisture products. For example one week you could do protein + moisture and the next just moisture. Or use a protein leave in one day and moisturizer the next. The combinations are endless (hyperbole ;)) Try to come up with a schedule so you don't forget your treatments...they are very important to the health and strength of your hair!

My hair is on the road to recovery and I hope that this short piece can help you too!

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