Annnnd I already miss my hair! Here are some reasons to keep that protective style in haha

these are twists but you get the idea lol
Hola bonitas!

I know y'all are so sick of me always getting tired of hairstyles so quickly haha, but this one is going on four weeks so I'd say I'm improving. I am going to tryyy to keep this in until December 13th but we shall see. I've decided to make a pro and cons list of keeping my hair in braids to appease myself lol. You guys should try it it really puts things into perspective, anyway here's my list - >

This is like the main thing (oil) you need besides water lol
Pros - 

Shout out to my fro tho!
Cons - 
Alright, so I only have 5 cons and they aren't even really good ones haha. The  braids are safe...for now :P

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