Saturday, October 19, 2013

What's my next protective style? Braids vs. Weave

October 28, I am getting my hair done...the problem is I cannot decide what I want lol. I haven't had either in ages! Weave or some box braids?? I'm going to try and make a pro and con we go!


  • Very stylish
  • Versatile since there are many types of hair and styles you can do as if it was your own
  • A lot faster to put in and take out 
  • Potentially less heavy than braids
  • Could mess up the edges
  • Lots of maintenance, you have to treat the weave like it is your own hair -_- so it isn't really a break lol
  • Could get a bad batch of hair and it would be all tangly and what not :0
  • Hair and closures are expensive! 
  • Apparently getting the braids wet and not drying them thoroughly will cause a mildew like smell...ew
  • Last quite a while
  • Kind of versatile in styling it offers many color options
  • Easy access to scalp
  • Bare maintenance needed
  • Cheaper to get hair
  • Potentially cheaper to get done, especially in college where the girls who can braid will hook you up for a lower price than a shop
  • Could also potentially mess up edges
  • Could be too heavy
  • Takes forever to take in and take out

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  1. Thanks! It's helped already. I washed them last night and spritzed them this morning--It's a nice mini-refresher.

    Thanks for the tip!