Thursday, January 31, 2013

Product Review: Hairveda Vatika Frosting

hairveda vatika frosting review

  • promoting shine and health
  • promotes hair growth
Directions: "To maintain the oil and moisture balance of your hair, remember to do a conditioning treatment with oil at least three times a week." Hairveda website

How I used it: I used it on barely damp hair has a prepoo and then again to twist my hair.

Effectiveness: I got fat juicy twists <3 Very pleased. They are quite soft and shiny. I am not sure about the hair growth as I haven't used it more than once. 

Smell: It smells awesome like vanilla cupcakes or frosting. Like really it smells so goood. The smell is lingering on my hands and I ain even mad. 
Consistency: Like coconut oil

Ingredients: Pure unrefined Coconut oil, Amla extract, Henna extract, Lemon extract, Fragrance

Price: I just bought the sample pack because I am revamping my product regimen, I paid 1.75 GBP for 1 oz (  It is 10.99 for 9 oz. You can buy it here or on here if in the UK  

Repurchase? To be fair, I only had a sample pack and I've only used this once. But I really want to buy the big jar now. It's cheaper than re-buying coconut oil so this is a no-brainer for me plus it smells amazing and leaves my hair soft

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