Urban Spiral Crochet Braids Review

Hola homies!

I've had this hair for two weeks now and I'm quite enjoying myself. This hair is the Urban Spiral hair, You may remember Urban from my previous style, Urban Spring Crochet Braids. I switched it up this time by doing a center part instead of my infamous side part. I actually kind of like it! Check out my review of the hair below!

I added some red in to lighten up the hair!

Quick Facts:

Brand: Urban

Style: Spiral

Colour: Colour 2

Packs: 4

Braiding Pattern:
Time: Braiding - ~ 1 hour, Install, 3 - 4 hours

Where can you get it: Paul's Beauty in Manchester or email me and I'll get it for you. I can't find this hair online but it is owned by the Feme Brand.

Price: £3.99

Before Installation:

This time I did a hot oil treatment with alma oil and I let my hair airdry in various random styles over a few days. I mostly do hot oil treatments instead of deep conditioning because I find that my hair feels quite rich after a treatment.

During Installation:

This hair also separates super easily during installation which resulted in a lot less wasted hair. There is a lot of hair in the pack so I still have some left to fill any gaps and my part as my hair grows out. One thing I reaaallly need to work on is my braiding skills! Once I have that down I think the style will look a lot more natural.

Final Thoughts:

I really wanted to try longer hair but I'm not sure it is for me! I found this colour a tad overwhelming in longer lengths but I think it was because I like my hair really full rather than long. I love this hair now that I've cut it and even more now that I've added the red! The hair detangles quite well and it looks so natural. Maintenance is minimal and I would definitely recommend this hair! I can't wait to try another style from the Urban line. What do you think of this style?

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