Preparing Natural Hair for Color and How to Take Care of Natural Hair After Coloring

 Hey everyone! I just wanted to give you all some information about color! I have bleached my hair, dyed it purple/pink, henna'd my hair, and I've done a purple gloss! None of these things were done professionally lol but I do not think I have done any major damage to my hair! So here is what I do...

Here is super informative video about preparing your hair and tips from Candance Sheppard:

How I prepared my hair for coloring:
  1. Make sure hair is healthy, if your hair is damaged you need to get that under control before you try to dye your hair
  2. Do a weekly protein treatment and deep conditioning treatment for 2-3 weeks before color. This is because some colors can be drying. Also you want to help reinforce the bonds in the hair. 
  3. Here are tips on bleaching from my hair crush ElektrikTV - 

4.  To do my color I shampoo'd my hair and proceeded to follow the directions on the pack
5. FOLLOW THEIR DIRECTIONS! lol I  know natural heads have a tendency to want to doctor things or to try something they've seen their hair crush do but the best way to get to your desired result is follow what the package says
6. Recruit friends to help you. Hair color is so messy yall. But it is a lot less messy when you have help

After coloring (not directly after) - 
  1. Deep condition with heat once a week! Moisture and protein are even more important now!
  2. Don't use hot hot water because then the color may bleed out super fast.
  3. Use products specified for color, you don't have to use those exclusively but some help deposit color while you are washing
  4. Here is my regimen - here
Check out these helpful videos-

This is one is how to refresh hair color-

Taking care of your hair after coloring or bleaching is not incredibly hard. You need to up your moisture and protein in your already existing regimen. Right now I have no color in my hair, it is just bleached and it is growing nicely. 

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